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When it comes to raising children, it is crucial to find the type of specialized care that a pediatrician offers. While many parents/guardians assume a general physician is enough for treatment, it is not always the case. In fact, a general physician may not realize the source of the issue and merely treat the symptoms. At Rise & Shine Pediatrics, we can treat the condition of the patient while also addressing the source of the issue.

Along with specialized care, we create a comfortable environment for the child to receive treatment and adjust to the idea of regular doctor’s visits. Our team provides newborn, pediatric and adolescent care with a variety of medical services. This way, we can provide the various levels of care your child needs throughout development at one location.

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Our Goal for Your Child’s Health

Until the child is about 2-years-old, he or she will need frequent child well visits to our location. The first visit will take place several days after the birth. Then, we will schedule regular visits every month or other month until the first birthday. After, the appointments will begin to spread out a bit more. While these regular checkups can help to keep a professional eye on the child’s health, there are still endless possibilities for a child needing professional care between the appointments.

Our goal is to provide the care your child needs and be a source of support when you need it. While there are cases in which a child may just have a small fever or a cold, there are other cases where these symptoms are the signs of a more serious condition. One of the main services we offer is pediatric preventative care. This type of care involves treating symptoms as early as possible to prevent the worst of the condition or illness.

We Offer a Variety of Pediatric Services

By providing newborn, pediatric and adolescent care, we can continue to provide our patients with care as they age. We will build a familiarity with the patient to help us provide quality care and introduce the child to health care. We offer a variety of services, including:

  • Newborn Care
  • Pediatric Vaccines
  • Pediatric Acute Care
  • Pediatric Abdominal Pain Treatment
  • Pediatric Asthma Care
  • Pediatric Sports Physicals
  • Children’s Health Care
  • Children’s Obesity Treatment
  • Kids Fever Treatment
  • Suture Removal for Kids
  • ADHD Treatment

Since each patient is unique, we will customize these services to help treat the patient’s specific needs. We can also help parents/guardians who are unsure of the child’s condition. For many parents, the first sign of a fever in a newborn or child may set off alarm bells in their head that this could be something serious. While it is not always the case, searching for information on the internet can give inaccurate information.

By calling us instead, we can help to ease concerns and recommend treatment. Sometimes, a fever is just a fever that will dissipate fairly quickly. In other cases, it can be symptoms of a more serious condition. We focus on professional care that will help parents/guardians and children promote healthy child growth and lifestyle. By identifying any developmental issues early on, we can help to find a solution to promote healthy growth.

The Process

After scheduling a consultation, the parents/guardians will need to fill out a “New Patient Information Form,” that covers a child’s medical history and current condition. The form will also cover any allergies the child has and any other information we need to know. While parents/guardians can take the child to a general physician, it will not benefit the child nearly as well as visiting a pediatrician. Along with proper health care, we provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for children.

We take the time to introduce the child into treatment and help them build a positive relationship with regular doctor’s office visits. A pediatrician specializes in childcare with an understanding of what the child’s body needs. By starting the process of pediatric health care when the child is a newborn, we can help instill all of the necessary factors to help the child grow up healthy. We can also provide care and treatment for any conditions or accidents.

No matter how careful parents/guardians are, accidents happen. In those cases, we are here to help. While some situations may require a trip to the emergency room of a hospital, there are numerous other situations where visiting us can be more beneficial to the child. Not only will we provide specific care, we will also help ease the child during the treatment.

Our Location

Rise & Shine Pediatrics is located at 530 Green St. Ste C Iselin, NJ 08830.

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