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While some adults may not consider finding a pediatrician until after the birth of the child, it is actually beneficial to meet with a pediatrician before childbirth and establish a professional relationship right away. Along with establishing a relationship, this consultation can help guide the new parents-to-be about what they need to know.

We take the time to listen to your worries and concerns before recommending any form of treatment. We also use this consultation to gather necessary health information that can help with the pregnancy, childbirth and raising the child. The first step is to call our office to learn more about a free prenatal consultation.

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More Than Just an Introduction

Prenatal consultations are more than just an introduction. During the consultation, we can:

  • Gather health information about the parents/guardians
  • Answer any questions the parents/guardians might have while in a low-stress setting
  • Highlight any high-risk conditions that can require specialized care
  • Help parents/guardians prepare for the birth and raising the child

We understand this time can be daunting for the parents-to-be since there are so many factors to consider in becoming a parent. Meeting before the child is born allows us to offer professional medical advice and tips for navigating the process. This will also allow us to establish a relationship with the parents/guardians and establish what the parents/guardians need.

Gathering information on the health of the parents/guardians

While this may seem redundant or unnecessary, this allows us to evaluate any signs of potential issues with the childbirth. We can help determine if there is a chance of a genetic condition passing to the child. We can also help evaluate any other symptoms or problems the mother is experiencing while pregnant.

Answer any questions the parents/guardians might have

It is more preferable to answer questions the parents/guardians might have about the child’s health, childbirth or parenting in a less stressful and calm setting. This way, we can help prepare the parents-to-be by answering any questions accurately, unlike if they look up answers on the internet.

Highlight any high-risk conditions that can require specialized care

If the mother has any health issues that can potentially harm the child, we will go over any options. By going over these issues ahead of time, we will be able to do as much as possible to help both the mother and child before the birth. We can also help to introduce the care techniques that may help the child if the child struggles with a similar condition.

Help prepare the parents/guardians for childbirth and raising a child

When people look up any medical facts on the internet, there are numerous sources and possible treatment options. In many cases, searching simple medical terms can result in extreme results for much more serious conditions, resulting in more fear and stress. We can offer the professional medical advice for your questions.

A Positive Pediatrician to Family Relationship

By offering free prenatal consultation, we hope to help you receive the advice and care you need for your child while also establishing a positive relationship with our staff. We will listen to all of the parents’/guardians' interests, needs and concerns about the childbirth. We want to establish a positive relationship with them during this appointment so that when the child is born, they feel comfortable bringing the child to our office. We can then proceed to act as a medical home for the child’s health needs.

We even recommend that parents/guardians preparing to adopt a child give us a call to schedule a consultation. We are here to help ensure the child has the greatest chance of a healthy future by getting a head start on healthy lifestyle choices to benefit the child. We can also review any potential plans the parents/guardians have for raising the child and give advice on what we may change about that. We have the medical skills and expertise to continue providing care for the child as he or she grows up.

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If you are expecting a child and want to learn more about the type of medical care your child is going to need, then give us a call today. We can help schedule a free prenatal consultation and begin the process of preparing you for the next steps.

This consultation can be the first of many appointments to help you along the path to childbirth and what comes in the first few weeks after. Together, we can help your child to grow up healthy and receive the proper care, when necessary.

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